B&W Metal Recycling - How to Recycle with B&W

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How to Recycle with B&W


Stop by the office. Our helpful staff can walk you through the easy process and get you on your way.


Individuals with medical conditions such as a pacemaker or other special circumstances should first go directly to the OFFICE.

  1. If you have ferrous material (containing iron, magnetic) stop at SCALES and wait for office to get weight. HORN will sound when okay to proceed.
  2. Pull up to MAGNET* for unloading of ferrous materials. Unload retaining materials by hand.
  3. Return to SCALES for weight after unloading ferrous materials.
  4. Stop in NON-FERROUS and RECYCLABLES drop off building for additional recyclables.
  5. Visit the OFFICE for payment.
How to Recycle with B&W